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Gallery Updates: Scream screencaptures

We added screencaptures of Bella Thorne‘s participation as Nina in ‘1×01 – Pilot’ on the MTV Scream series. You can check it out by clicking on the link below:


Bella Thorne is just happy she didn’t “Throw Up” after her masked singer performance

It’s hard to say what makes for more enjoyable Masked Singer viewing: For you to correctly guess the identity of the contestant and feel smarter than the rest of the internet, or to be completely floored by their identity. While some people did guess that Bella Thorne was the Masked Singer’s Swan, it was Thorne who surprised herself the most on stage — by not throwing up everywhere.

Usually when I performed in the past — I’ve performed at Billboard and a few really big festivals and whatnot — and right after I’m done I get off stage and I have to throw up because I’m so nervous that I feel it coming while I’m on stage. I’m literally so nervous,” Thorne told People. “On The Masked Singer I didn’t [throw up], not once and I think it was because the Swan mask made it so I didn’t feel as nervous.”

Thorne performed two songs during her time on The Masked Singer: the steamy “Fever” by Peggy Lee, and “I Hate Myself For Loving You” by Joan Jett. It was the Jett performance that made some suspect that the Swan was secretly Kristen Stewart, who portrayed the iconic rockstar in The Runaways.

I was like, ‘Yeah, I love Kristen Stewart!’” Thorne told People of the judges’ incorrect guess. “Because of the low raspy voice and the whole Joan Jett thing I was like, ‘That makes sense.’

Now that she’s no longer appearing on the reality show, Thorne can get to work on her new television deal with Fox, which was announced on Deadline Wednesday. Under her new development deal, she will produce scripted and unscripted content for the network.
The former Disney Channel actress, who starred on Freeform’s Famous In Love, recently directed a film for PornHub and executive produced thriller Ride. According to People porn00, she is now interested in making scripted content “that is a dark version of Riverdale meets more psychological meets Gossip Girl.”

One benefit of producing content, instead of performing it? Zero chance at throwing up, with or without a huge swan outfit to hide behind.

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